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The Ultimate Fats and Oils Guide

Fats and Oils Guide reviews the measurement of the most important parameters, be it for fat and oil characterization, or the close monitoring of important quality parameters. Dropping point, melting range and titration of fatty acids are reviewed in detail and tips and tricks for more accurate measurements are provided. It also covers UV\VIS and differential scanning calorimetry.

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Food Contamination: Reputations on the Line

Food safety scares often make national and international headlines and a well-publicized incident can destroy the worth of a brand name in an alarmingly short period of time. Moreover, product recalls caused by physical contamination can cost millions of pounds to execute – with fines and compensation claims on top. Frank Borrmann, product inspection specialist, explains why product inspection technologies are a critical investment in the fight against physical food contamination.

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Addressing the Organic Challenge Through Transparency

In recent years, many new food labels have taken the world by storm, becoming a popular topic of discussion in the food industry. But of all the food trends—non-GMO, gluten free, local, whole grain, dairy-free, and more—organic is perhaps the first of them all, having been a mainstay on grocery shelves for decades. Yet the organic label still poses a challenge for supply chains. How can transparency help?

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Your opinion is important to us!

Your opinion is important to us! We are interested in understanding your requirements when buying product inspection equipment. You have the chance to win one of three €250 Amazon gift cards.

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Food Safety Europe 2019

February 12 – February 12, 2019

Food Safety Europe 2019 is a one-day conference that will deliver invaluable insights and high-level, constructive knowledge-share, designed specifically to improve European food safety management in retail, food service and manufacturing environments.

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Ensuring Food Safety White Paper

Manufacturers and brand owners can gain an understanding how physical contamination in food products occur in the production environment and how inspection technologies prevent food safety incidents. Technical information will help food manufacturers select the best product inspection technology to safeguard their applications. Expert advice about future food safety trends is provided to further improve traceability.

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Food Safety Americas 2019

May 21 – May 22, 2019

Food Safety Americas 2019 offers invaluable insights and exclusive updates designed specifically to improve food safety management in retail, food service and manufacturing environments, in addition to networking opportunities with industry peers.

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Acidity and Acid Content Determination Guide

The Acidity and Acid Content Determination guide reviews different methods of acidity and acid content with the use of pH meters and titration, depending on the product and result requirements.

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Food Safety MasterClass – Live Webinar

October 03 – October 03, 2018

Food manufacturers and brand owners can discuss in this interactive, live webinar, with an industry food safety expert, how to safeguard their products, brands and businesses against the repercussions of physical contamination.

In six steps, participants can learn and discuss how to prevent physical contamination in food products, irrespective of application or packaging type. Food manufacturers will hear how the top food safety trends will impact their businesses.

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Work smarter not harder – Optimize lab processes using lean laboratory

In Part 1 of this Lean Lab approach webinar you will be introduced to the basic concepts of Lean Laboratory and the 10 fields of improvement, which enable you to assess the current status of your lab and identify where processes can be optimized to improve efficiency.

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High detection sensitivity and low power options for tall, rigid container inspection

Packaging that is taller than it is wide can sometimes present a challenge for x-ray inspection. Manufacturers are constantly searching for a solution to ensure product safety and integrity whilst delivering consistent and reliable inspection results for tall and rigid containers such as glass jars, foil pouches and much more. Could this be the solution for your business?

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How to optimize your calibration efforts

Recent ISO standard changes have increased calibration efforts for food manufacturers. This new 15-minute webinar helps you optimize calibration schedules to save time – and optimize scale tolerances to save up to 20 percent of valuable raw materials.


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