Helpful guide on food regulations in the laboratory

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Working in the food and beverage industry is challenging yet rewarding. Natural products of varying composition need to be manufactured into consumer goods of constant high quality to meet consumer expectation. Inherent differences of the ingredients and varying production conditions ask for subtle but essential corrections to achieve the required quality level. Strict hygienic specifications are prerequisite, thus requiring diligent execution of the work tasks.

Food safety trends and requirements increase the demand for testing, error-free documentation and traceability. The increasingly the increasingly regulated food industry is faced with more work, more administration, more costs etc. At the same time it is a really good opportunity to streamline processes, make sure the right people and machines are at the right place, basically make the company lean and fit for the future. 

The goal of this guide is to help you make informed and compliant decisions when improving processes or selecting the right laboratory weighing and measurement equipment. Topics include:

  • Performance verification and equipment qualification of lab instruments
  • Maintenance and calibration
  • Data integrity and traceability
  • User training

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